Aditi Jajal-Newey

Hi! I’m Aditi.

I’m a small business brand coach who has propelled more than 150 brands through effective, impactful and heart-centric brand strategies.

My superpower lies in creating breakthrough brand clarity for small business owners. I serve a very diverse set of happy clients through digital programs, workshops and 1-on-1 consultancy.

Born in India, raised in Dubai, and based in Norway, I help every entrepreneur and business with an open-minded, multicultural branding approach to give them the edge they need in an increasingly borderless world.

I encourage my tribe to build deep customer relationships by simply caring. ‘Care’ is a fantastic brand, business and marketing strategy, after all!

My mission is to create as many ‘Lives Well Lived’ as possible through meaningful, fulfilling entrepreneurship journeys.

I love how Clubhouse brings people together, and I especially love what we’re brewing here in the Marketing Café. So jump into a room, settle down with your cuppa, and tune into some great conversation.



Clubhouse: @aditijnewey
Instagram: @aditijnewey
LinkedIn: Aditi Jajal-Newey