Ankita Bhatia Dhawan

Hi, I am Ankita, a telecom engineer by education, a blogger by avocation and a marketer by profession.

My corporate career of nearly two decades is an inter-twining journey of all three. In fact, I landed my current role because of both, my corporate experience and my blogging experience.

Today, I call myself a Creative Geek – a term that balances both sides of my personality. As a Marketing Ops practitioner, I have experience and skills in MarTech, Automation, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, and Digital Marketing.

I live in India and am Mom to two daughters. I lead a full life with a career, family and hobbies, sometimes referring to it as Juggling on a Treadmill.

I love discussing ideas, imagining the world that can be and listening to and telling stories. It is even better when done over a cup of steaming coffee.

I like my coffee strong and bitter. So if you ever want to trade coffee stories, like what happened when I drank two shots of Turkish coffee at midnight or if you ever have an idea you’d like to bounce around, let us meet at Clubhouse.

You could also look me up on any of my social channels.


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