Dean Hankey

Dean Hankey, (The DEAN of Success) Know As The VIP, Pay It Forward & Profit Guy; SpeakTacular EnterTrainer, Marketing Magician, FulFilled Events Expert and ImpleMentor, certified in the disciplines of “Success Mastery and Conditioning”, and has a proven, powerful background of over a “half-century” as a successful business owner, a requested author, mentor, speaker, trainer and casino showroom entertainer/producer with more than 30,000 Real Live Event Success Solutions and Greater Than 150,000 Thousand Hours On Stages World-Wide!

Exciting, dynamic, engaging and entertaining, international presenter, Dean is immensely qualified as he has delivered a lifetime of success results development for individuals and industry earning a full-time career that spans nearly 5 full decades of success results for himself and others he serves and supports!

Harrah’s Casino/Hotels, Hilton Luxury Resorts, Bally’s Grand, Peppermill Resort/Casinos, IBM, Apple Computers, Kodak, American Express, Prudential Life, Celebrities and Exclusive Fortune 100 to 1,000,000. Individuals and Organizations Alike!

Dean has been seen world-wide on ABC, NBC, CBS, BBC, Fox News, CNN, and others, as well as an in-demand showroom performer, presenter and headliner at top Casinos, Resorts, Cruise Ships and Corporations & Events Nationally and Internationally!

Dean has studied, staffed, mentored and trained with such Success Superstars like  Tom Antion, Alina Vincent, Lisa Sasavich, Forbs Riley as-well-as: Joel Bauer, The Mentor’s Mentor, Jordan Belfort, The Wolf of Wall Street, E.T. [Dr Eric Thomas PHd] The Hip-Hop-Preacher, (The WORLD’s Most Watched Speaker) Les Brown, America’s Motivational Expert “Werner Ehrhart”; the godfather of self-help, “Anthony Robbins”; the nation’s leading motivational and educational platformist, along with “The Dean of American Hypnotists”, Ormond McGill, who is the first hypnotist to ever appear on TV and The Ed Sullivan Show.

Dean’s life & success study partners/mentors reads like a virtual “who’s-who list” of the most recognizable list of the world’s most renowned personal & business development gurus!

Uniquely qualified, “The Dean of Success”, integrates a perfect blend of “Show & Business Success” to deliver “Proven, Powerful, Dynamic and Engaging Results” for his friends, Family Of Business, Fortune 500 businesses, tours, charitable cause organizations and luxury brands world-wide!



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