Edgar Correia

I’m a Portuguese-Canadian entrepreneur with more than ten years of experience founding, running and  selling businesses in the Food & Beverage and Hospitality industry.

You’ll discover I’m passionate about entrepreneurship, marketing, belief systems, market trends and psychology.

My background  is very diverse. This is by design as I’m a true believer in learning multiple and transferable skills across a wide range of industries.

I enjoy exploring from a global perspective, which is why I studied International Relations and worked at an embassy as a culture and economic advisor.

My next journey to me to a role on the finance team on a consulting firm, followed by work as a key account manager in the energy industry.

Creativity is central to my life. I even studied filmmaking and went on to produce and direct a documentary.

I’m now developing a startup of a collective of creators in the live audio space. My focus will be helping these creative and talented individuals and organizations to expand their impact.

Let’s connect, collaborate and have a positive impact.


Clubhouse: @edgarcorreia
Instagram: @edgarmcorreia
Twitter: @edgarclubhouse

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