Elizabeth Doss

Hi there! I’m Elizabeth!

I am a GIF maker/artist. I help brands, businesses, and influencers implement animated GIFs as a marketing channel to increase brand impressions, loyalty and interactions.

I help my clients get their branded stickers and gifs searchable within social media apps, as well as, utilizing them in email marketing campaigns and on their websites.

I am a verified GIPHY artist. My gifs have been viewed over 3.2 Billion times. Yep, with a “B” (I’m just as surprised as you are!)

My fascination with GIFs comes from my childhood love for drawing, animation, and my grown-up curiosity for all things social media (especially Instagram). I love how gifs can quickly communicate emotional, humorous and relatable ideas in mere fractions of a second.

My true passion is talking about creativity and how to awaken our creative nature whether for the first time or to resurrect it from death by criticism or bullying. I live to see hearts and hands reopen the crayon box, the recipe book, the poetry notebook, apps for content creation, etc!

 I am always game to chat about brainstorming ideas for loosing your creative expressions!

My husband, James, and I are full-time RVers- traveling across the U.S. as digital nomads, supporting our friends in ministry and going on adventures!

Our home base is in Travelers Rest, South Carolina where I put my B.A. in music (opera/music history) to good use in assisting leading music at our local church.

I am looking forward to sharing a cup and chat with you sometime soon!



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