Jesse Garnier

I went from being an Ex Blue-Collar Oil and Gas slave to building a multi-million dollar enterprise in the digital marketing world.  Growing up in a small town in Alberta, Canada where there were only a handful of blue-collar industries to choose from, I ended up starting my career in the oil and gas sector right out of high school.

The economic crash in 2016 led to uncertainty for many, but I saw it as an opportunity to learn a new skill set, and to finally become my own boss!  I found some mentors who showed me the ropes in affiliate marketing and sales which I then went on to become the number one sales performer for three different global companies that I represented.

After achieving my own success in the industry, and helping thousands of people start their journey online, I realized my passion is actually in supporting other entrepreneurial minded people to achieve their goals.  I launched a coaching/consulting company with a business partner of mine that I have been working with since 2016. We now have an entire educational company called NXT LVL Vision, built around supporting people in finding and igniting their passions, then turning those passions into profits!

For more information, or questions regarding how I may be able to support you, make sure to grab a seat at a table inside the Marketing Cafe, and don’t be afraid to ask questions, and join in on the conversation!


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