João Cardoso

I’m a brand strategist and full time learner from Portugal.

I am not the type of person you usually like at first sight! I’m not always smiling, but believe me, I’m happy. Some people have their smiling muscles relaxed more often.

I love to work, I love to meet new people and learn. I’m passionate for speed, radical sports and good wine. I don’t play football, but I know who is Cristiano Ronaldo. I believe we can be great professionals and eternal children at the same time. We only live once, so why can’t it be fun?

My path in entrepreneurship started similar to every one else. When I was a kid, I started to trade and sell things to my friends at school. My parents have their own business as well.

A couple of years ago, I started to work as a freelancer and improving my knowledge about branding and last year I founded erb’s creative studio with a great team of professionals in all different areas of communication.

erb’s is a fulfillment of a dream, the dream to work with several businesses at the same time and to keep learning. I believe in empowering people to empower brands. So erb’s beyond the dream, it’s your new brand studio.

Our approach is nature related, we look at brands as we look at trees. If we want our tree to grow strong and healthy, we need to take care of her, we need to water, trim and even change the ground in some cases. We face every project and every person as one of a kind, that’s how we have a project approval rate of 100% at first presentation with no changes. Because we care!

In every brand, business or project, everyone is seeking the differentiating factor. How can they stand out from the crowd? When we’re selling something, we don’t need to scream to everyone hoping they will hear us. We need to talk to the right people, using the right words and understanding their side.

The same happens with brands. Your differentiating factor, it’s your ability to listen, it’s how you behave, how you can be accepted and loved by your audience. Your differentiating factor, is yourself.

So the next time, someone asks you “Why should I work with you?“, “Why should we pick you?” or “What’s the thing that you have that no one else has?”…just say, “This is not about me, it’s about you, about what you need and how can I help you”.

Because “no one else” is a lot of people, and you don’t know them all.


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Instagram @joao.pedro.cardoso
erb’s Instagram: @erbs.creativestudio