José Azevedo

Hello there! Yep, I’m the handsome guy in the picture

I’ve always believed that every person is a universe, full of the most singular thoughts, ideas and feelings. And, that is something I found out to be true during my journey so far.

So it doesn’t matter who I’m talking to I always try to listen closely, because I know I’ll learn something new.

Although I have a degree in Mechanical Engineering and worked in the industry for a few years in technical sales departments, I was never fully satisfied by what I was doing. So I decided to look for different jobs and different careers that I could pursue.

I went from engineer for top companies, to working in a restaurant kitchen and worked my way up from dishwasher to junior chef, but again I wasn’t happy. So I moved on to teaching kids in middle school, but guess what?! I wasn’t happy.

At some point in my life, after a few career shifts, I realized that there was one thing in common from all those jobs that I was really good at, and that was listening to people and truly caring. It didn’t matter if it was the waiter in the restaurant or a CFO in a big company.

The only thing that made me feel fulfilled was when I was connecting with someone in a meaningful way, and helping them as much as I could. And, that is exactly what I do today!

Through marketing I found a way to help businesses grow and to assist even more people. And, being an entrepreneur gives me the opportunity to make a positive impact in more lives that I could ever imagine, and for me there is where happiness lies.

So, feel free to join one of our tables, at the Marketing Cafe, where coffee is always hot and people are always warm and friendly.



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