Julio Cesar Maldonado-Romero

Hi, my name is Cesar. I am a graduate with an Associates’ degree in Applied Science, experienced in highly technical hands-on systems applications.

My specialized interest and experience over the past six years is microeconomics and investment analysis, using tactical evaluation of my niche market environment.

I am Co-founder, Angel investor, and Chief Operating Officer at Mediums Collective, a High-End, Seattle-based streetwear brand.

Mediums Collective’s primary business is in manufacturing and retailing premium quality garments. My key responsibilities are head of research and development, product design, marketing, inventory management, PR, among other daily operations.

I am a successful marketer with an excellent short record of winning campaigns, converting first-time customers into brand evangelists.

At this time, we are exploring the art of the pop-up, building and engaging full time in one-on-one relationships with our targeted audience, mining for insightful information on our customers’ purchase behavior, aspirations, and values.

To quote Steve Blank’s famous saying, we learn by “getting out of the building”.  We do this via physical engagement enabled by our pop-ups, also via text messaging, phone calls, email marketing, and social media.

I joined the Marketing Cafe Barista team based on a principle that I highly value and respect:




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