Kenneth Durrum

I began my career in direct-mail advertising and marketing, working for Harte-Hanks Shoppers in the early ’90s in South Florida. I joined the company as a level 1 production artist and within six months, I was promoted into management.

During my 26 years at Harte-Hanks, I progressed through various roles such as Art Director, Information Technology Director, Senior System and Process Analyst, Operations Manager, and a company trainer and certified facilitator of quality assurance programs and automated process initiatives.

In 1996, I started Released Solutions as a way to stay current with technology, commercial art, and solution development on a freelance basis while still working full-time with Harte-Hanks. By 2000, I was promoted to IT/Prepress Director of the PennySaver (Harte-Hanks Shopper) in Sacramento, CA. I paused my dreams of running my own company and moved to California with my wife and two kids.

By 2004, while working for Harte-Hanks, I recognized that digital marketing and online communications were starting to dominate and overpower traditional marketing mediums.

Despite having over 15 years of proven insight into technology, solutions, and marketing strategies, the company continued to embrace print media marketing despite my advisement. Two years later, in 2006, I was promoted to a corporate-level position as a Senior System Analyst, which provided me with a senior role in technology for all business units within the shopper portfolio.

In 2010, I returned to South Florida, still with Harte-Hanks, and looking to reboot Released Solutions, my freelance efforts, to deploy online and digital marketing solutions due to the limitations and declining effectiveness I saw in print media and direct mail advertising.

I rebranded and rebooted Released Solutions from a technology integration company into an Online Presence Management agency. At the core of the business, there is still a heavy focus on commercial art and advertising, backed by a strong emphasis on leveraging technology, automation, and innovation to drive effective marketing strategies and solutions.

I do what I do so that others don’t have to – that is my why and purpose in life.



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