Kylie Holliman-Rivera

I am originally from Kansas City, Kansas (smack down in the middle of the United States), and I moved out west to California in 2016 and have been here since.

I have 8 animals — two dogs, five cats and one husband.

My go-to coffee order is a hot latte with oat milk, simple syrup (or honey), with cinnamon. You can actually buy me a coffee here.

I own Fire Hydrant Pet Sitting Co., LLC with an amazing team of 8 women. We specialize in dog walking, pack walks, in-home visits, and cat care. Fire Hydrant, of course, is insured, bonded, and licensed.

What sets Fire Hydrant Pet Sitting Co apart from other pet care services?

  1. We have an AMAZING team who are all employees (which is not common in the pet industry), so things are more uniform
  2. Once a quarter (we try to aim for once a month) we meet with a dog trainer to train the team how to handle dogs and how to maintain their training. People spend thousands getting their dog trained. We don’t want those skills learned to go to waste. So once the trainer is done with them, the client hires us to help maintain their training that has been implemented.
  3. Fire Hydrant is VERY transparent and highly values reliability. We have an app where the owner can see our GPS tracked walk, and see when we arrive and depart from the home. A report card of how the pet did during the walk/visit is sent to the pet owner.
  4. We are very into the community and are always looking for way to give back
  5. AND SO MUCH MORE! You can contact me and ask me about it.

My background is in human resources. I absolutely love to do administrative work. So on the side, I offer Virtual Assistance. I do tasks such as…

  • Create handbooks, operation manuals / Standard Operation Procedures
  • Assist with interviewing, recruiting, and training
  • Create Instagram Content
  • Find guests for podcasts
  • Email management
  • Team & Office Organization

ETC… You can contact me and ask me more about it.

I have been on Clubhouse since April 2021 and greatly enjoy it! I look forward to talking more with you all and sharing a seat at the table!



Clubhouse: @curlynloud
Instagram: @curlynloud