Lora Vanderbilt

Born in the Netherlands. Raised everywhere but the Netherlands.

Lora Vanderbilt has travelled a lot throughout the years and has met people who would change her life forever.

Having discovered the true significance of marketing at a  very young age, Lora started trying to understand what the secrets to marketing success were and by the age of 15 managed to start applying them.

Over the course of the years, she has also started consulting on digital marketing and marketing technology alongside other areas within the business consultancy field.

Today she’s working on a few new projects which will soon be revealed over a cup of tea or coffee in the Marketing Cafe.

Lora also speaks six languages and loves to learn more about the different people and cultures the world has to offer and tries to not only learn about YOUR business but learn more about YOU and where YOU come from.

For more insights on what she does, she invites you wholeheartedly to pull up a chair by raising your hand or reserving your seat and join in on a fabulous conversation about marketing and entrepreneurship!



Clubhouse: @lora.vanderbilt
Instagram: @lora.vanderbilt