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Thank you for being among the first to sign up for the Marketing Cafe Academy. Here is a running list of the micro-courses that we’ll be offering.

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Authority Marketing Basics – Kim Thompson-Pinder
Marketing For Small Businesses – Kassandra Arsenault
Introduction To Inbound Marketing – Priya Badola
The Marketing Mindset – Michael K. Reynolds
Getting Started With Email Marketing – Ankita Bhatia-Dhawan
The Power Of Marketing With GIFs – Elizabeth Doss
Conducting A LinkedIn Health Check – Hammad Siddiqui
Transformational Marketing: Social Media Fundamentals – Mboso & Miyuki Sampson
Successful Pitching Essentials – Richard Liverman
Video Basics For Social Media – Kassandra Arsenault


Acquiring Backlinks From High Authority Sites Using Two Simple Free Tools – Tim Vasquez
The Email Marketer’s Toolkit – Ankita Bhatia-Dhawan
The Timeless Effectiveness of SPIN Selling – Priya Badola
Marketing Chats In Instagram – Elizabeth Doss
Becoming A LinkedIn Influencer – Hammad Siddiqui
Transformational Marketing: Turning Your Audience Into Ideal Clients – Mboso & Miyuki Sampson
Pitching Like A Pro – Richard Liverman
ManyChat And Facebook Messenger Marketing – Tyler Leach
Email Listbuilding Strategies – Ankita Bhatia-Dhawan
Business Breakthrough Tool: The Marketing Matrix – Michael K. Reynolds
Increasing Engagement In Social Media – Elizabeth Doss
The Flywheel Of Inbound Marketing – Priya Badola

A Simple Sales System For Entrepreneurs – Kim Thompson-Pinder
Transformational Marketing: Constructing And Selling A High Ticket Offer – Mboso & Miyuki Sampson
LinkedIn Mistakes To Avoid – Hammad Siddiqui
The Plan X: A Much Better Than Retirement Plan For Gen X’ers – Michael K. Reynolds
SPIN Selling Strategies – Priya Badola


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