Mattia Peverelli

Born in Como, Italy, I’m an Economics student at the State University of Milan-Bicocca. In December, I found out my passion for marketing, in particular brand management. Since then, I couldn’t stop studying in the new marketing trends.

Along the journey, a man sent me a DM on how a student can find his best traineeship, and I decided to interview him. Here is when my small podcast started.

Also, I met the founder of an Instagram page called DataSnack, which has the aim to beat fake news through the data culture. After speaking with him, we decided to collaborate on his project.

In DataSnack, I’m focused on creating a community, interviewing experts and making our Telegram channel grow.

Another project I’m involved in, is my University’s Junior Enterprise; we’re all students trying to improve our skills, working with real businesses.

Since my mission is to create a better world through marketing activities, my favorite marketing definition is “Marketing is the art of changing people behavior.”

I love how Clubhouse is able to create amazing conversations that lead to powerful connections. All you have to do is grab yourself a good cup of coffee (or whatever you prefer) and tune into the conversation. Can’t wait to talk with you in the Marketing Cafe!


Clubhouse: @mattiapeverelli
LinkedIn: /MattiaPeverelli
Instagram: @mattiapeverelli