Mboso Sampson

I’m a former software engineer in the financial crime analytics industry with a passion for visual self-expression. I enjoy all forms of photography, graphic design, and video creation.

While I was a full-time engineer, I built my first business teaching entrepreneurs how to use video and storytelling to establish their authority online. Spending nights and weekends growing that business from zero is where I developed my love and appreciation for marketing.

I’m now running a marketing agency with my wife and better half. Our philosophy is when marketing is done right your ideal clients will come to you.

I have always enjoyed working long hours at bustling coffee shops. Now that we’re working from home full-time, I’ve learned to make my drink of choice, a cafe latte. My next mission in life is to improve my laughably bad latte art.

If you have a question or would like to discuss video content marketing, Facebook advertising, online course creation or any other aspect of digital marketing, we have a seat ready and waiting for you at the Marketing Cafe.



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