Alejandro Calderón Durán

Hey there, I’m a 36 year-old brand designer from Costa Rica.

I build the clarity and brand identity that creative entrepreneurs need to earn the trust of bigger clients, so that they can go from being perceived as limited freelancers to high-end studio/agency owners.

In 2006, I started CENTOR STUDIO which was focused on web design for the local real estate industry. Due to the economic crisis in 2008, I saw my business slow down a lot.

Honestly, I was good at design but didn’t know much about business. In 2013, my last big client canceled their contract and I decided to play it safe and started working at Amazon.

I worked there for 7 years where I earned the opportunity to become a customer service manager.

In 2020, I decided to move on from Amazon, relaunch my business and apply all the lessons I had been learning all this time. These revelations included understanding there was a “business of design” and not just a business for design. 

I decided to join the Marketing Cafe because I want to keep expanding my knowledge about marketing to grow my business and to better help my clients. Also, I want to share everything I know about branding, which is a big component of any successful marketing strategy.

Hit me up on Instagram where I’m most active. I enjoy building new relationships.



Clubhouse: @alejandro.centorstudio
Instagram: @alejandro.centorstudio
YouTube: @centortv