Jordan Simmonds

I’m here to help the business world, one day at a time, with sales focused marketing.

Being part of the Marketing Cafe is excellent! I’m British, so I don’t think there is anything better in this world than a cup of tea and good conversation with great people.

The Marketing Cafe has that, and even better…with professionals from all over the world, with a whole range of experience. I absolutely encourage you to pull up a chair and join us in a conversation around marketing.

I’m extremely passionate and motivated by helping entrepreneurs grow their business with digital marketing & automated process strategies.

Grow your sales and build your community of brand advocates using our proven and advanced digital marketing strategies and unleash your online potential, drive sales and grow your business online using PPC methods such as Google Adwords, Facebook Advertising and Linkedin Advertising.

With £100’s of thousands spent on ad testing, and 10’s of thousands of potential clients generated in the last year alone, we’re extremely confident in assisting others too.

For more insight into some of these methods, grab a coffee (or tea) and join us in the Marketing Cafe for an open discussion around marketing, and a range of topics that will help you and your business.



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Instagram: @jordansimmondsuk
Facebook: /jordansimmondsIMS